Dr.Mohamed Sami Rakha, Kingston,ON, Canada

Hello, I am Mohamed Sami Rakha from Ontario, Canada. I received my Ph.D. degree from the School of Computing, Queen’s University in analyzing large software repositories. I was lucky to be supervised by Professor Ahmed E. Hassan (NSERC Steacie Fellow). During my Ph.D. journey, I gained several skills starting of researching an open problem up to end of presenting solutions cleanly and attractively. After my Ph.D., I joined a research project with Professor Thomas Dean from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen’s University to build an intrusion detection system. Currently, I am doing my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Centre of Advanced Computing, Kingston, Ontario. My main project is building a Safe Haven for health data. In the last 2 years, I gained experience in Cybersecurity and big data technologies. I have interests in entrepreneurship and developing business ideas that benefit society and return profits. I believe that research and development are key to build up competitive solutions in large and growing markets such as Artificial Intelligence and Analytical solutions.